Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bush to visit India

Bush arrives here in India on the 2nd of March. A lot of arrangements being done to receive him, both by the Govt with bouquets and the opposition with brickbats. True to democractic principles, a lot of protest and receptions are being organized by different stakeholders. A big ticket item, that the current GOI (Govt of India) is pushing, is the recognition of the nuclear status, and admission to the club of covert operators. India has been out of this club, and has done well in developing its own range of nuclear power and armaments. Now India wants in. Because the potential for the development and implementation of Nuclear power plants in India and around the globe (specially US) is huge. The US also wants India in, because they stand to gain from the immense technology that has been developed by India, specially since the nuclear power development has been dormant in the US for decades.

The question is, who is going to blink. In this field of geopolitics, there are no permanent villains and heros. There is only a state of relation, that keeps constantly changing to the tunes and needs of who is more powerful at that given time. So when you think of it, the empire where the 'sun never set', has now been reduced to a vassal state, jumping to the beck and call of the now powerful US of A. But then if you carefully observe the actions and reactions of the USA, you will notice that their are actually not in control of world events, they are also slave to situations in Iraq, Afghanisthan and Iran etc. Everytime they overstep their boundaries, other nations are slowly but steadily tightening the noose around the US.

This millennium is the era of the asians, the question is which one, India, China or someone else ? Or is this all again just a perception of a bloke sitting way close to the equator, dreaming about the end of the whiteman's supremacy over the planet...... only to be replaced by the tyranny of another.

Bush will come, go, and a few things may change because of that.

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