Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had stumbled on to Klueless Version 1, long back, after a long struggle, lasting a few days, i reached the hall of fame. Of course i was not the first. Yeah Right. Well, if my name doesnt figure in that hall of fame, its because there are about atleast 800+ people smarter, faster and who knew about this sooner (if that is any consolation). I thought that was the end of fun run.

Two friends from Yahoo 360 days, tried to recreate this experience, but i think they didnt have the required time at their disposal to take it to beyond a few levels.

Yesterday, while visiting Anoop's blog, i came across Klueless3, that meant there was Klueless2, and yes there were three versions now. Well i have started Klueless3, and i just crossed level 5, this morning. So here is the path so far. The below are some hints, there are more available on Klueless3 help site. But this will only have them as far as i have gotten in the game. So here goes:

Level 0: Yes. There is a level 0. Nothing much to think here. Just follow instruction, and SEE what happens.

Have you read the instructions. If not, this is a good time to do so. Also, another important clue while playing Klueless, keep 1 spare window for Yahoo Search, WikiPedia. Also be ready with the right-click to check out the Page Source.

Level 1: Hey, this image is familiar, i have seen it before. hmm..

Level 2: Instructions. Read again. Follow thru. Its all there in black and white.

Level 3: He played, while .....; Hmmm How do you use a blank CD?

Level 4: Corporate Advertisement ? Logo are designed by Corporates to convey more than what they do at first look. They are meant to point to something.

Level 5: Tricky. It stumped me. But when i got it, it was staring in my face. There is nothing hidden in the image. Everything you want from here is staring in your face and clearly visible. Wikipedia is the key. Give names to what you see and search. Finally you will see the number that has no digits.

Level 6: Think Girl. Obviously she is connected.

Level 7: this is all smokes, so easy .... 20 seconds.... it stares in your face.

Level 8: Dravid is known for it. But whats with the other image ? Once you name the connection, wiki will help.

Level 9: you can try the hard way, that is start from the beginning. Or just work the last sentence, just the last word. You cant overlook the significance of doing this.

Level 10: This is tricky. First check the source code. There is a problem. Now when you see the problem, you can only do one thing with that correction. This correction shows you, yet another clue. All jumbled words. What do they mean? Maybe you should hit the back button and read the clues provided. The title - "World is just a word" and the subtext - "Alternate worlds, beginning together". Thats the key to solve and get the password.
But, if you are game, try secret of 52, it will provide clues required to solve this puzzle. (ps, its in here too !!)

Level 11: You have his initials. That's a start. Once you figure him out. He has done something that is equivalent of K3G, KHNH, K2H2 etc.

Level 12: Ground Zero. Where did we start ? When we started, we didnt bother to do things, we did later. Maybe we should have. Well its not late now. Lets go and dig up things in Ground Zero.

Level 13: This is tough. Actually its not. It just appears so. This is a cipher. Its needs to be decoded. Once it is decoded, you use the message to get the answer required. Now who do you, what this cipher is ? Well, remember, the most recent book on ciphers and clues and hunting for holy grail. Well this is mentioned there. In any case wiki has it in there too. What if you didnt hold the pen, while trying to play with the pig?

Level 14: Amazing. You will simply love this. But i wasted time. Once i found the science of solving the numbers.  I then tried to connect them all together. But the clue said, simply connect. Simply Connect. Without prober vowels and consonants etc. Yes. Once you know where they belong and what they mean, just connect them.

Level 15: Elementary. After 14, this is such a passe. Well, you know who Watson is, and therefore who the other guy is....yada yada yada. Thats it. Nothing much to think about.

Level 16: Ok this might seem difficult. I know her from two movies. But what is this one? Well put all the stuff that we have - title, picture heading, the actress and search. You will hit on something crazy.

Level 16a: This is ridiculous. If you dont know this, then you havent been watching movies or reading. Well maybe you were under a rock. So you know her now - right ? So figure out the movie. And then its cakewalk.

Level 17: Another job, purely for wikipedia. You just have to read the hints provided. This too was rather timid. All you have to do after searching is pick the right name.

Level 18: This could be tricky. But if you enjoy humour, you will know this God. There is enough clues provided in the source, title etc.

Level 19: This was tough. It was actually waste of time spinning in circles. The character porky, the cartoon, the picture and all the lovely things were said. If you only figure out what to say and how to say it. If you are able to voice it correctly, you get the answer.

Level 20: We did something like this. Exactly half way to this point. You know, there were more hidden stuff, and we had to dig them out. Once you get it, then you have the pieces required to put the pzuzle together.

Level 21: Boy is this a wild's goose chase. Well, the image is a big clue. Use the pieces of the puzzle (from the image together - again just type in names for what you see), you will get to the frothy stuff on wiki. Then you got to put the 3 and 3, 7 and 7 together.

Level 22: Extend. Same as 20 and a few levels before. There is more stuff. Once you get it out. You need to simply look for it. Look deep. Its there. Written out clearly for you to see. The problem is getting the stuff. There is no extent to which this will build tension in you.

Level 23: This is easy. Only if you get the key. Like they say. Many times the key is right in front of you, and you look for it at the last place. And then what you find, the key you always wanted. After you decrypt the nice sentence, you must then find the name that fits.

Level 24: Dot. Do.t D.ot. Do they mean something? Of course. Usually we use dots to mean same as before. Same as what before? Well the scheme is the same, you just use it again.

Level 25: Keyboard. Hmm, this one says M is right, but the others are not. What wrong? Do we have a different one?

Level 26: Lets see the picture now. There's a mercedes benz, a door, and a purple sky full of smog, smoke?. And there is  milestone. Then there are all the clues written all over. As it says, they are all dead. Answer this, and you will know the next level.

Level 27: This level needs help. It took a lot of wasted time, working on a outdated wiki page. First crack the code, you will then get a product name, which prompts you for an answer. Now read the same page, but one that was updated on 2nd January 2008, 23:39. In here you will see the meaning of the red and blue bars. You will be scared out of your wits as you start seeing the omens. There is only word that can describe it.

Level 28: One of the easy ones. There is a hint in the source, that is so direct. If you havent heard the story, first search for that, you will get 'it'. Once you get 'it', the X, H and ? will become easy. If you cant find the story then you may fail to see the connection so easily.

Level 29: Easy to get confused. Search every key word you see. Once you search on the right word, then it will work like a charm. There's no magic here, its purely wiki. And not much time, so if  you are wasting time, you may be on the wrong path. You will need to summon all the books. And in each book there is a hidden message. String them together to get the final clue. 

Level 30: Easy again. Dont get fooled. Keep it simple. The answer is right in front of you. All you need is to associate it with the right place. Dont let this torture you too much.

Done... not quite yet.

Level n-1: Circle of life. Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam Punarapi Janani. Where do we go from here ?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gold Haul at the Olympics

China scored a perfect 100. They showcased the best Olympics so far, and also scored in the sporting field. They had shown signs of taking over the sporting arena, since the split up of the erstwhile USSR into many smaller nations. In the period of cold war, the US and USSR had a competition about outscoring each other in the medal tally. The USSR lead the way many times, much to the accusation of the US, that it was not all through fair means. Today, China has taken the mantel from the old USSR.

It is important to realize that this sporting establishment that started by only supporting amateurs, today has become the most professionally managed sporting establishment. It requires consistent and long term planning of the state, corporate and willing individuals to put themselves through torture for many years to achieve the success they seek. No wonder, smaller nations, with priority in terms of daily bread etc, are not so appropriately represented in the medal table. Hmmmm!! That sounds like a nice refuge for countries like India to hide under.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I wasn't thinking of making history: Abhinav Bindra

Sure he did. Good that he wasnt thinking about it as he went for his shots. He has created history, by winning Gold in the olympics. The first ever by an Indian. And doing so, has quenched the thirst of a nation of 1 BILLION people.
Hopefully this is a start, and this wont be a flash in the pan. I dont mean more medals here in this olympics, but more medals and winnings in future olympics.

Friday, August 08, 2008

2008 Olympic Games

My prediction for the medal tally
  1. China
  2. US
  3. Russia
And, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Japan sharing the next few positions.
All the best. Rake in the gold.

More on Yahoo 360

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mallus at their best !

The first time i heard and enjoyed comedy, it was thru' casette tapes, that came from kerala. It included mimicry, sound effects, skits and the most important creativity came thru parody songs. The first one i remember is from a skit on a modified version of Ramayana, where i forget who, but someone asks for a map to find Sita. There starts a song "Mappu tharu" (give me a map), which was a parody of the original malayalam song "Maappu tharu" (forgive me).

Ithu Original Version

Parody Version