Sunday, February 26, 2006


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Watched this movie on DVD this friday night. Am not a great fan of Nagesh Kukunoor, but have watched most of his movies. But this movie was different from all his previous efforts. I think it was a wonderful play of events, though a little unrealistic, but then when did a movie have to be realistic. The screen play, the cast, and the performance by the key players, so underplayed and seemed very natural that it evoked the right emotion from the viewer. A lot of kudos to Shreyas Talpade, who plays the deaf and mute boy Iqbal, who dreams of being a cricketer, and his sister and biggest supporter played by Shweta Prasad.

I think it is worth watching, if you havent seen it before.

Oh ya, it also has my man Kapil Dev walking in, in the last moments of the movie. Nothing great shakes by him, but he plays himself, and i think just seeing him transports me to my days of watching cricket and fighting for him with all my friends, who were die hard Gavaskar fans. It was easier to argue, because i was arguing against Gavaskar and because i had picked Kapil as my hero. Well that was another era.


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