Sunday, November 18, 2018

Modern Age

Modern Age

Supposedly, we live in a modern age
Where technology, information is the rage
Everyone, seems to know everything
Knowledge fountains, on every internet page

No matter, what we read, hear or observe
Blurred lines, separating the true from false
People they see, what they want to see
No time to question, or find some sense

Right against Left, we fight one another
Nation, people divided, brother against brother
A majority, discontent with sacrifices made
The rest stay quiet, uneasy midst this pother

Democracy we claim, many privileges we wave
A choir full of voices, unity in diversity we rave
Choked, suffocated and masked to a murmur
Sanity silenced, shaming people to behave

Mercy and peace, brotherhood and respect
Oft acquiesced, or all of it very suspect
An ogre inhuman, biting hands that fed
Teary trail of blood, all thats left to inspect

Shooting, lynching like there is war to wage
Shouting rioting mobs, very difficult to gauge
Everything, is now local and very very vocal
Surely, this must be signs of a modern age

Poem Hunter (Modern Age). Inspired from Modern Times by Bobby Sands

I am...

I am straight
I am gay
I am trans
I am les
I am homosexual
I am hetrosexual
I am black
I am white
I am woman
I am jew
I am muslim
I am christian
I am buddhist
I am hindu
I am dalit
I am brahmin
I am chinese
I am polish
I am nigerian
I am irish
I am catholic
I am sunni
I am sikh
I am poor
I am illiterate
I am underprivileged
I am ...
I am not ....

I am human
I am you
And when roles are reversed,
You are I

I am what you dont know.
I am not any different, than you.
Know me and when i know you,
We can overcome this I vs You.

- Poem Hunter (I am)