Monday, February 20, 2006

Time Travel

Well, its been about a month now, and i have accomplished a bunch of stuff, i had planned when i arrived here in Fairfax VA. Now is back to travel again, and fly across the oceans, and fly forward in time ( i mean, by a couple of hours), as i return to Chennai. Life has been hectic the last year or two. I have this feeling of being a vagabond, neither here or there, not one place i can call my own.

After arriving here in the US in 1991, as one of the pioneers, leading the software programmers exodus to the US of A. At that time, we had defined our stay in the new land, not to exceed a year or two. Since this happend within 3 months of marriage, we looked at this trip as a fully paid extended honeymoon. At it was, we used every oppurtunity to travel and see the land. I am ashamed to say this, but i have been to more spots and places in this country, than i have been to in India. I have a secret ambition to set that right, and slowly making progress. Not to digress, but the short stay lasted over 9 full years, before my family moved to Chennai. And me, well, i continued to run my business out of the US, and travel back and forth, hoping one day, i will retire from this crap. I am still living that dream.

So, cut back to the present, i am now in this job of setting up the offshore operations in Chennai, and require me to travel even more frequently. In the last 60 days, i have travelled the chennai-washington sector three times. At first it was fun, like a road warrior, i familiarized myself with the different aspects of frequent travel like, access to travel lounge, smooth talking your way to upgrades, the best seats, what to eat and what to avoid, which movie to watch and when to sleep. Soon, all this was old news. Been there, done that. What next ? Well, am looking for the next project on these trips.

I am happy, i going to be in Madras, how i hate the new name, but i too seemed to have started to use the new word. I hear things are heating up there, but after the recent bout with snow (which was ok), and the current week's artic like temperatures (shivering), i am going to enjoy the hot climes of madras, nalla madras.

Anyway, i will be blogging from madras, and hope to be in touch with the latest and current events happening in madras, India, and the US (thanks to the web). Too sad, i am arriving just after the cricket matches are done with.

Well, its time to move ahead in time, move the clock ahead by about 10 1/2 hrs. And all that for about another month, when i have to come back. Oh, another point to note, i am not sure, if i am coming or going. Sometimes, it is going home, coming home, returning home !!! oh whatever. :)

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