Tuesday, February 14, 2006

UN inquiry into Guantánamo Bay

How long should people question about this and how loud should people yell ? So, now there is even an secret UN investigation. Of course no one is talking about it. And knowing the US love for the United Nations, this report will have an impact in the working of the government here.
Basically the government, aided many times by the Congress, and other times, in a true autocratic style, only befitting a monarchy, has been taking away rights and liberties of the citizens, and more importantly have placed no regard for US civil laws, international treaties, or plain humaniarian considerations. For all the talk of fighting a war to propogate democracy in the middle-east, the US govt has been watering down the democratic rights everywhere else.

Here is an extract, that highlights the attitude of the government officials here, complete disregard to the truth, and as if they exist in a whole different plane from the rest of us.
However, the report did not seem to carry weight in Washington. A White House spokesman said it was an al-Qaida tactic to complain of abuse, while the Pentagon does not comment on UN matters. But a Pentagon official yesterday insisted there had been no attempts to break a hunger strike with punitive measures. "All detainees at Guantánamo are being treated humanely and are being provided with excellent medical care," he said.

Well i am doing my bit, by airing and publicising the existence of this report, amongst many others. Hope all this does find fruition someday. An important decision point occurs this coming November, when a bunch of losers come up for re-election. Its time to show these people the door, both republicans and democrats. Throw them all out.

UN inquiry into conditions at Guantánamo Bay
Can a film right the wrongs committed in Guantánamo?

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