Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Amrit Singh

If you havent seen or heard this name before, then you havent seen the video from SBS TV about the efforts of ACLU regarding the torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Well, so, i landed in Frankfurt and sitting in the lounge, drinking the free coffee (good) and eating some food (ok), and reading the newspapers available. And then as i was about to toss 'The Wall Street Journal', Europe edition, i noticed the last page, and the story read, 'Singh's daughter has no praise for Bush'. Hmmm.. i am thinking to myself, thats not a big thing, because apart from the Govt of India, and their recent sucking upto to everything American, and the businessmen in India, who love that the economy is doing so well, and would love to do more business with the US, the common man in India (atleast to the best of my knowledge) is still very suspicious of this new India-US bhai-bhai relationship.

Anyway, quick reading tells me about Amrit Singh the lawyer you see on the video, and she is the daughter of Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh. I am not sure, if the Indian press has caught on to this fact. But again, going by the 'free speech' standards, and the honeymoon india-us are enjoying right now, i can be certain that this story is going to be hidden away. I hope i am proven wrong. I have always felt that the Indian press has been more responsible than the ones in the US. It must be something to do with the british moorings. I am not sure if this article is news worthy, but it is significant for India, that an indian-born is pursuing something so important to the polity of the US.

Knowing the ACLU, assuming i understand the determination that Amrit Singh has for her to take up this job, i dont think her father or the Govt of India will be able to put pressure on her to quieten up during the visit of Bush. And know the gentleman that Manmohan is, i doubt if he is even going to try.

Kudos to her, hope she succeeds in her endeavor.

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