Sunday, July 19, 2015


Bāhubali, the one with strong arms, is the latest movie from director, Rajamouli. I have been tracking this director and his movies, ever since i heard of Magadheera. That superlative experience, was followed up by another astounding storytelling, this time about a fly, Eega (or Naan-E, in tamil). After these two i was thirsting for more.

Bāhubali, proves that Rajamouli is a master storyteller. A story, that we have heard variations off, a million times, or another interpretation of the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, had to meet this craftsman and turn into this grandeur. He carved out characters, and their portrayal by actors who have managed to breathe life into them. In the first part, that i have seen twice till date, Sivagami and Kattappa stood out.

Sivagami was essayed by Ramya Krishnan. The queen Sivagami, her grit, her love and her justness all showcased so beautifully. Subtlety matters most, to make the greatest impacts. And Ramya Krishnan and her director, showcase that in their execution of this character.

Kattappa, the faithful slave, was breathed into life by Sathyaraj. Sathyaraj is no lightweight when it comes to acting. However, with a lesser director, he would have played out a very usual and often seen impersonation. This time however, he picked and chose his dramatics well, effectively using them to show us a Kattappa we have never seen before.  

Every other character in the story played their part well too. When you watch the movie, you saw the story, you saw Shivu or Mahendra Baahubali, you saw Bhallala Deva, Avanthika, Devasena and the rummaging barbarian king. There was no Prabhas, no Rana, no Tamanna, and no Anushka.

The star of the show, was none other than Rajamouli.

Waiting eagerly for the next .....