Tuesday, January 01, 2013

India rape, protest

Scouring the internet, can result in a few gems, like this. It was by chance that i landed on this opinion page at CNN. The tag line, itself, was an interesting composition. And so, i let my imagination run wild, with a comma at a place i thought appropriate, and used that for my blog title.

What struck me first was a bunch of interesting photographs. Indian news media, clearly need to learn a thing or two from its western counterparts - "a picture is truly worth a thousand words". Or let me paraphrase - "an interesting picture is worth more than a thousand words, written or unwritten".

Some of these images are telling of our current central government. A lot of introspection is required. Instead of letting people vent their anger (peacefully), the UPA government, besieged by protests through out 2012, decided that it will pull-off a "who is the boss?" attitude. A heavy price to pay. Politics is not about winning all the time.

This government in Delhi seems have miscalculated so much during this one year. It has managed to put its wrong foot out, all the time. A price to pay, for having a technocrat as a Prime Minister, who is always kept on tight leash. He cant perform - do what he knows best, do what he thinks best, or play politics which would have been the best.