Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Take a bullet, but not a shoe

Ok, so by now, we have seen all this.

I had the question, which was on many people's mind. Where was the secret service? And my answer was the title of this blog. And soon, when i search youtube for the funnies i find that i am not the only one, who thought the same thing. Here is what the funny fellas had to say about it. I sure missed all of this, not being in the US at the time.

What is so cool, i guess is that, very few have really taken offense at this? Including Mr. Bush himself. I mean, what else can he really do. But then again, most of america is so fed up, that they could care less, if one of them actually met the target.

Just shoe it.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Wanted - Reward Money - LeT

This came as after thought, or after a lot of deliberation. I remember seeing an announcement from the FBI (or US Govt) on CNN, for a 25 million USD reward for the capture of Osama Bin Laden. Two days after the whole Mumbai affair was over, the outpouring of the people into the streets of Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, and almost everywhere else in India, kept me thinking. We could do something different. We need to act, but not necessarily fight a war. Well, this is one way to keep this man running.
Have any of you watched the movie Ransom, starring Mel Gibson. The only unfortunate part is that the GOI and we in India, would like this fellow captured alive. But i think i have submitted a proposal, and it can be tweaked to increase the reward money and also offer tiers of rewards for live apprehension and otherwise.

The only question, i have is:
Has the GOI issued an arrest warrant for this man ?
If not, all this moot. We cannot issue an advertisement if the person is not really wanted in the country for breaking the laws.

Another note: Will you contribute to this reward money ? So we can increase or even offer the 25 crores, if the GOI is not willing to participate ? We must explore legal ways to be able to enforce this whether the Government supports it or not.