Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow !!! What snow ?

Oh well, we supposedly recieved one of the biggest dumping of snow. In some places it has created records. Living in the DC Metro, i was looking forward to this, because, we didnt have any major snowfall this winter. Few days after a heavy dumping (read more than 6 inches), could shutdown the city and sorrounding areas. The DC metro, is simply not equipped to handle such major snowfall. Actually, i should say, it can only handle one or two such snowfalls in a year, mainly because of budgets.

To the many friends in India, who havent seen the effects of snow, one nice way to describe the snow and its effects 'good from far, far from good'. The first time, i saw snow, was in Racine, Wisconsin. Oh it was so beautiful. White carpet all over, everything covered in white. The night is so much brighter, because of all this snow reflecting light all around, you can actuall see a yellowish orange glow all around, thanks the many halogen powered street light.
But then that is on the first day.You need to be out, in the snow, within 0-4hrs after the snowfall, trying to enjoy what you can of this white mass, which sometimes is as fine as talcum power, or can be as heavy and wattery like a wet bath towel. Soon the snow-ploughs will be out, running around everywhere, trying to push, shove, heap the snow somewhere. Depending on the amount of snowfall, a decent size parking lot could have enough snow to make a small mountain. And this mountain could last atleast 2-3 weeks if not more, depending on the temperature afterwards. And thats when it get ugly. This white mass, slowly starts melting, and leaving behind just the dirt, mud and trash. And as this snow melts, it also creates a pool of water, that never goes away till the middle of spring or something like that. Its like the creator or science, have it whichever way you like, wants us to realise that everything has two sides, a good and bad. This beauty of nature, can be a mess to be dealt with, and also create a mess of its own later.

But what is fun and also quite dangerous is, driving. Oh man, i have had two close calls in my life, driving in these snowy and icy conditions. Once, i was attempting to stop my car at a stop light (red signal), when i started skidding, on a thin sheet of ice of the road. The car came to a halt eventually, bang in the middle of the intersection. So, here i was, sitting in the car, with the red traffic light on, bang in the middle of the road. Well, it didnt last very long, just as it came to halt, i realized that my tires were now back in control, and since there was absolutely no traffic, i was safe. I proceeded to drive thru the light. I am sure, any cop nearby may have excused my transgression here.

But snow is fun, and nowhere have i seen it made to look more beautiful and funny, as in the cartoon strips of Calvin and Hobbes. Some how when i think of snowman, making snow balls, and playing in the snow, i have this devilish images of Calvin. I have had my share of fun in the snow, and alway look forward to snow, like a school boy looks forward the holiday because of the snow. But then come the next morning, i realize that now, i have to dig my car out of the heap of snow !!!

To end this story, we got the snow late on saturday, and it was over by sunday noon. And then come monday, life is back to normal again. And so, instead sitting at home, drinking and eating something hot, and watching TV, i am sitting here in the office, waiting for the bell to ring, so i can go home.

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