Monday, March 07, 2011

Supreme Court Ruling on Aruna Shanbaug

The Supreme Court (SC) yesterday dismissed the Euthanasia Petition (mercy killing) for Ms. Aruna Shanbaug. The full text attached below, shows that the SC has researched this case extensively, like it normally does.
One of the key tenet for dismissing the petition was the status of the petitioner to the patient. It held that Ms. Pinky Virani was not a friend of Ms. Shanbaug, and held that staff of KEM Hospital that was taking care of her is more of a friend to her. While i see the basis for this, i am at loss to understand if they have considered the patient's interest fully. It is true that they have researched that area, and studied the opinion of many including doctors and staff at the hospital.
However, there still seems to be a flaw in all this. The staff of KEM Hospital requires the kudos they rightly deserve. But i cant believe we must allow Aruna to live a life of hell, because they look and take care of her with pride. In all of this, what is lost is, Aruna is still living a life that she cannot perceive or enjoy. I cant imagine that she be allowed to continue to live in this vegetative state. 
I also must note that this is but one case that has been brought to light. India is filled with lots of people are in similar states. Some in hospitals, but probably many more at homes. The ones at home, probably die a lot sooner, because the family simply decides to give up. And that makes the ruling in this case even more pathetic. We are unable as a society to feed the hungry millions, but we are morally superior and so we are able to deny the right to euthanasia, to a person who probably is better off dead than alive.

Supreme Court Ruling EuthanasiaPetition-For-ArunaRamachandraShanbaug

I submit this humbly to this woman, who suffered once. And then suffered again for another 37 years living a life that most alive today, wouldnt want. I also laud the team and staff at KEM Hospital, they could have always just simply given up.