Monday, February 06, 2006

NFL, Super Bowl and then some....

Yesterday was Super Bowl sunday. For the uninitiated billions, like me included, this was the day when majority of Americans, celebrate their annual 'glued to the TV' day. This majority has been shrinking over the many years that i have been here in the US. But it is still a big set of people who watch a game, that i am yet to get a full hang off.

Well, my travel back from Chicago had some exciting delays, as we switched gates at the terminal a couple of times, to accommodate icing and the subsequent de-icing of aircrafts. So arriving in the wee hours of Sunday, i got up late, and had to show up at work. You know who the hell said 'all this technology is making life easier' (Ok !, i know we had this discussion once before !!) So anyway, i show up at work, to discuss the possibility of taking up new work, converting a legacy mainframe system to something modern. After all these many years, building "modern technology" systems, i have a new found respect for COBOL and Mainframes. So after work, reached back to my lonely apartment, just in time for the 6pm kick-off.

Oh yes, i turned on the TV, but i wasn't watching the Super Bowl, i spent the next hour or so, watching some cool stuff on IFC (Independent Film Channel). Thanks to my cable company, i am thankful for this and the Sundance channel to catch some alternative movies.

I understand the Pittsburgh Steelers won. Good for them. All my friends here in the US, are ardent observers and fans of this and other games. But i have been finding it tough to catch on to this and other games here, thanks to the frequent and convinient time-outs. If it werent for that, i may have taken a liking to the game. Basketball has been easier to accept. Thanks in part to Micheal Jordan. And now that he doesnt play, i havent gotten around to watching that game either. Some how, cricket, field hockey and the real football (soccer) are games of another league.

Too bad, i am like that stubborn bit of potato (as in mashed potatoes) that refuses to get lost in the 'melting pot'.

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