Monday, April 23, 2007

smile, you are on candid camera !!

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I took this picture from my car, as i was driving on the road between washington and lincoln memorial, i believe during spring blossom in 2006. I wasnt the only person with a camera, everybody was out as is common in dc, that day with a camera.

So was this family, dad & mom and baby. I think i clicked this just in time, before i had to move my car another feet or so, before it stopped again, in the thick traffic. So while i have mommy and baby, i have only a bit of daddy covered in the frame.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

HiTech - Low Tech

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How to shield out the sun ? Simple problem, simple solution. It works. Is it the best ? Could there be another way out ? You would think so. But hey, the job is done.

Reminds me of the joke going around, first via email, then via SMS, about the NASA attempt to build a pen that writes in space. Whereas the Russians simply used a pencil.