Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tracking Greenie

My friend Supraja, announced the release of Greenie, a sea turtle in to the sea, with a satellite tag. The map on the right show where she has traveled, since being released into the open waters on Sunday, Aug 29, 2010.

I was planning to go, but timing didnt work out for me. However, the path and journey can be tracked online, by one interested at

And another discovery that i learnt recently was 'IFS'. Thats not Indian Foreign Service, as i used to think, it instead stands for Indian Forest Service. A civil service post, similar to the IAS rank. I understood this when i met Mr. R. Sundararaju, IFS,  the Chief Wildlife Warden, of Tamil Nadu. It was a chance meeting, when he visited DC, that lead to this. Interestingly i was also pleasantly surprised with his grasp on environment, wildlife and forest related issues and knowledge.

I was also disproved that a bureaucrat,  is usually just a paper pusher and doesnt know about the space where they work. This gentleman is quite knowledgeable on most issues related to his area, and also has the passion required of him.