Friday, March 03, 2006

Its a deal !!

But what is 'it' ?
The details of 'it' are still emerging, but, for all my ranting and cursing the GOI, it appears as of now, that the agreement between India and US on nuclear energy and weapons seems equitable. To me, this is a big deal, because, this marks the road forward for the country and also allows some kind of recognition amongst the 'haves' in the nuclear club.

India has fought the system for such a long time, as underdogs and expousing our claim to fame and right to have it. We devoted years of R&D, using various means to acquire the technical knowhow, designing, developing from scratch and even using the 'Word' given power of copy/paste. And now a semblance of acceptance is being granted. Should we go ahead and grab it ? Or stay put, and continue to fight the battle and the climb uphill for full recognition and rights associated with it.

There are also other political undercurrents in play with this deal. Bush is pushing this deal so much, because his neo-con friends probably have advised him that, in the long run India is ok but China is not. Bush as i know him of him in the US, is not a man who can be trusted with anything, not necessarily due to a fault of his, but more because of his callous attitude and a passion for ignorance. His friends, however, come with a lot of ideas and power making skills, altho' not sure which power they are finally supporting or making.

Knowing the last few facts, is important to understand my sense of skepticism with this arrangement. I have to place some trust in the government on this, and therein lies another problem.

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