Thursday, November 06, 2014

Running Water @ Starbucks

The next time you pick up coffee at a Starbucks, lean in by the counter from where you pick up your coffee. You will notice a small stainless steel well, with a few utensils, and running a tap.

This tap is never shut. I spoke to the manager at this store, and she explained that "it is our policy". Our being Starbucks. It is the corporate Starbucks policy to keep this tap running constantly. The water is wasted, as it simply runs down into a drain.

I observed this for the first time a year or two ago. I also noticed that some stores (i dont quite recall now, it may even have been that one store where i saw it ), do shut off this tap. So maybe a store is also violating this policy. Starbucks, you may want to look into that !

I think this makes for a good physics or math problem for students. To compute the volume of water that can run thru a pipe that is about 5" cm wide.

On a more serious note, some idiot at Starbucks need a whack at the back of his or her head. What the fsck were you thinking ?