Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Naan Yaar?

Who am i? What am i? Why am i different from you? What makes me so abhoring that you cannot touch me? Why do you hate me so much that you stay away from me? We look up to the same gods, but you keep me away from them. We live together, but you build a wall to seperate me.

Why did i choose to color myself blue? Why in this sea of blue, do i find some solace? Why? Oh why? I only ask for the same dignity to life, that you grant to yourself. Grant that unto me. Jai Bhim!

Lyrics to the Song:
Adaipadum Kadhavukkul Udaipadum Uyir
Vidigindra Pozhuthilum Posungidum Uyir
Paranthidum Paravaiyum Thurathidum Uyir
Poothidum Nilathilum Nasangidum Uyir
Peigindra Mazhaiyilum Erinthidum Uyir
Sirikkindra Manitharum Veruthidum Uyir
Paarkindra Kadavulum Maranthidum Uyir
Varukindra Saavaiyum Poruthidum Uyir

Naan Yaar?
Naan Yaar?  Nee Oli…
Naan Yaar? Nee Mazhai…
Naan Yaar?

Rayil Thedi Vandhu Kollum, Naan Yaar?
Pookkum Maramengum Thookkil Thongum, Naan Yaar?
Nadhiyil Sethu Meenaai Mithakkum, Naan Yaar?
Kudisaikkul Kathari Yerindha, Naan Yaar?
Ther Eradha Saamyingu, Naan Yaar?
Unkai Padaamal Thanneer Parugum, Naan Yaar?
Oor Suvarkatti Dhooram Vaikka, Naan Yaar?
Malakkuzhikkul Moochaiyadakkum, Naan Yaar?

Arasan Yendru Solvorumundu
Adimai Yendru Ninaipporumundu
Yer Piditha Vazhvum Undu
Por Seitha Kadhaiyum Undu
Marithapin Udal Engum Neelam Paravum, Naan Yaar?
Pudhaithapin Neela Kadalil Neendhum, Naan Yaar?

Meaning (Not literal, but poetic as per the lyricst)
A life breaking down within closed doors
A life ashed down As the sun comes out
A life hunted down By birds that chase
A life trampled upon Even on fertile land
A life burning down Even when it rains
A life pressed down By the happy people
A life taken down By the God himself
A life that handles its death

Who am I? You are light!
What might I be? You are rain!
What am I then?

Who am I that trains chase to mow down?
Who am I that hangs dead from blossoming trees?
Who am I that floats up dead in rivers?
Who am I that died burning inside my hut?
The God your chariots refuse, Who am I?
I drink water without touching you, Who am I?
A village keeps me away with a wall, Who am I?
I breathe my last in a shithole, Who am I?

Some say I ruled.
Some think I am a slave
Our hands that ploughed.
Are the same that warred!
In death I turn blue Who am I?
Bury me. I float in blue sea Who am I?
In death I turn blue Who am I?
 Bury me and I float in blue sea Who am I?