Friday, February 03, 2006

There's a virus in the air

Well that was the biggest news of the day, yesterday. Like always, the TV, news media, didnt have anything else to talk about yesterday. The added attraction was that the some versions of the virus was called 'KamaSutra', which meant you can legally talk about sex and related stuff, without invoking the sanctions of the FCC in the US. In India, we have our own version of FCC, which is basically the smallest political party looking for the next break, and an issue to fight with.

Anyway, i too fell prey to this. But it was for a good cause, i didnt want my machine to be chewed to bits. And lo and behold, i notice that the symantec NAV program expired on Feb 1st 2006. Wow, what a coincidence. I was in no real danger, because i had the NAV file dated 2/1/2006, and usually symantec updates their NAV files only once a week (atleast for the version i bought). But panic struck, and i installed the company provided Panda AV program (a Spanish Company). Why would you call your AV program Panda ? I wonder if Panda, means something in spanish.

Well, i am inoculated, and certified as clean. But it took me most of the afternoon yesterday to install, setup, configure and be happy with the working of the program. If i were an average user, i would have installed it, and gone on with my life. Oh no...i am a software professional, i know a thing or two about software, microsoft and install programs. And i cant just let the software do what it wants. I got to know the itsy bitsy details. And so sat up with my computer and screwed up a good evening.

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