Monday, October 22, 2012

MMS Advise to Beni Prasad Verma

So, while MMS ji keeps his mum most, if not, all the time; he does offer words to wisdom to his corruption ridden crew of the UPA.

The above is Ninan's view of MMS' advise to the Horrible Steal Minister, as appeared in the Times of India on Oct 16th 2012.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hamari Ganga Maili

Sad news indeed to know that we humans, particularly, us Indians, have managed to transform a holy and pristine life giver, into a cesspool that is today believed to cause life threatening diseases.

I had an opportunity, or a near one, recently to visit the river Ganga or its banks to say more appropriately. My recent trip to Mussoorie, allowed us to take a trip to Rishikesh. But while i visited the temple town, i didnt get the opportunity to actually bathe or even touch the water from the river. It was put off, because the next day's trip to Haridwar potentially offered better scope and access. Unfortunately that was never to happen.

Disappointed to the core, that i had come all this way, north, and didnt make the best of the opportunity. I do hope to make the trip again someday. Maybe visit the actual source, as i would other spots along the Ganga.
Yet, i still may shudder, a bit, just thinking of bathing or drinking the water. Even at Rishikesh, which was upstream the water was clouded - brownish with soil, i would assume.
I have never seen Haridwar personally, but the pictures on the internet are not very pleasing.  So, even if i had visited, i may have come back disappointed.
Another sad fact is that, the billion plus Indians are very good and devout enough to make just about anything or everything holy, but we are equally or more bankrupt and indigent when it comes to upkeep and cleanliness.

I do hope we act now. Save the Ganga. Let it remain as pristine and divine, like we describe it in our scriptures. Let it remain chaste and immaculate like we believe in our minds. And blessed and faithful like we hold in our prayers.