Saturday, February 18, 2006

Deer god, justice !!

This news just makes me sit up and say, 'justice'. Salman Khan for my friends outside India, is movie star, a very popular one. He has had his share of success, was an acceptable star to me, until recently with his run in with the law. I had been marking him since he was first caught as a result of this incident, many years back. Its not that, Salman Khan, was different from many poachers and people who kills protected species in India and elsewhere. But this case, was ideal to spread the consequences of doing so, and also to highlight the plight of these and other protected species.

I had my own suspicions regarding whether these cases will actually see light of day. But it did, and justice was served. I am sure he and his lawyer will appeal. And the higher court may reduce the sentence (of course there is no garuntee). But even this verdict according to me has done enough to damage his image, and enough to highlight the case and the incident to help address the problem.

Oh, by the way, looking around for the blackbuck image, i found this site, exotic hunting, and here is some info from the website, "Called Exotics because they are non-native to Texas, can be hunted year round and can be a good excuse to get some friends and or family together during the off season and go hunting."

And i also found this, Project Blackbuck too. So it evens out.

Salman Khan sentenced to one-year imprisonment
Bollywood star Salman Khan jailed for killing rare deer

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