Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Free speech - crossing the line ?

I like the approach the Danish newspaper is taking. Free speech is an important right. But, i am not a Dane, i dont live in Denmark, and so i dont know all the qualities of this newspaper.
- Are they really advocating free speech ?
- Or are they simply taking this approach so that they can show they are not partial to hurting the feelings of one religious sect ?
- Do they expouse such feelings when they report about big corporations in Denmark ?
I wonder !!!

Back to the issue about the cartoons. I think they clearly crossed the line. Anyone, not just muslims in the world, will be offended by it. But, I dont believe in pillaging and rioting as a result of it either. Having said, how do you show your anger ? How do you react, when someone shows complete disrespect to what you believe. I recently posted this as a joke, but now there is a whole new meaning to it, "Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? "

Danish paper pursues Holocaust cartoons

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