Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swamy vs Arnab - Calling Names

I clipped this video from NewLaundry's Clothesline program. Its a sad commentary of what news reporting has come to in India. Today the proliferation of 24x7 TV News Channels, has resulted in a dearth of quality news to report. I mean, think about, there isnt enough news in the world to keep one 24x7 channel going for a full day, and then how can it feed 20 or 100 more channels.

Well, then you begin calling each other names. Or as a shameless TV host, you let others call you names on a nationally broadcast news.

Arnab Goswami is known to make a fool of himself, and given his self-indulgent attitude, he probably practices this looking into a mirror. So, it is not unusual to find him making loud mouthed statements and drawing flak on TV. But this is new territory for Arnab himself.

You laugh, but one part of you must seriously think that this sad. Really Sad !