Monday, January 09, 2006

World without women - progress report !!

In case you didn't get, i am being cynical.

It appears we in India are making steady progress in eradicating our society of women. Yes, this news article, released by an foreign medical journal, may not be the whole truth. But neither is it impossible to believe, given the perception of the society so obsessed with having a male heir, and more importantly, not having a girl baby because of the economic strain at the time of marriage.

The issue is not much of education, because that alone doesn't seem to address this problem. Many, not all, who chose the route of female feticide, are educated. It is more about breaking the law. The Govt has tried several measures to curb the abuse of the ultrasound machines that are used for this purpose. It is mandatory for the owners and operators of this machine to be registered with the Govt. But there are millions of them and how do you track abuse.

India has a legal abortion system and i think it is an important requirement of population control that the Govt has been attempting. In fact, there has been significant advances to report on that front, meaning many states in the union has been able to reduce the effective growth rate. But this very same abortion process, has resulted in contributing the female feticide problem. Even before tackling the feticide problem, the Govt must quickly take effective steps to stop the female infanticide. It is a crime, and it must be treated that way. Just like the way, the dowry death syndrome has quietened down as a result of automatic arrest of the husband and the in-laws, a similar method will work to help curb infanticide.

India has lost over 10 mn girls in 20 years!
World without women

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