Wednesday, January 25, 2006

follow up on Oliver Twist

It appears that the drama of India, US, Iran and the nuclear agreements between them are not over yet. I dont know where India gets the idea, that it can convince the 500+ to be relected US Congressmen and the 100 Senators, that they have agreed to all their terms and conditions, and then stand up-right and take the moral high-ground of not cowing down to another country.

Hello !! Excuse me !! Is anyone listening.

There are some serious flaws with the approach Govt of India is taking:
  • they were all along fooling the Indian people, telling them that the nuclear power generation technology has been mastered and how we dont need to depend on a foriegn power for the uranium, heavy water, other materials and technology.

  • they are now bowing down to the US congress, and reporting to them and detailing how and what we do with nuclear power generation in India. Oh ya, this is guised under the cloak of civilian vs military seperation of facilities.

Which is true and which is false ? Or both true or false !!

India rejects linking Iran vote to nuclear deal with U.S.
"Please, sir, I want some more." - Oliver Twist

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