Monday, January 02, 2006

Cool utility for Win XP

Ever since i installed MS office 2003, one of my favourite, the Office Shortcut bar, disappeared. I had stalled installing this version of MSOffice, until it became a nuisance to live without. A typical problem with the corporate world, where there is more talk about change, and less action about it. We all could have saved a lot of money, if we could have done without MSOffice in the first place, switched to OpenOffice or StarOffice. Both of which are more or less compatible with MSO. The problem is with the 'less compatible' part. Since the world is now using the defacto standard office product, its tough to be a rebel.

So as soon as i figured that i had to live without the office shortcut bar. Actually i wonder which moron in MSFT had this suggestion. If there was something useful in mso, it was this utility. It was my constant companion, in my effort to keep my programs organized. Anyway, i tried to use the toolbar offered by windows XP and that didnt work for me. Because it was no different from a windows folder, and the problem was no special setting or config was possible. I gave up and used my favourite, to look for a replacement. After a few searches, hits and misses i landed on, the freeware equivalent of

Try it. Its not so difficult to install, but a tad bit complicated to get started and active. But once you are up and running, it remains quite, doesnt do much, other than what it supposed to do. Its tough to find such programs these days. Usually they want to remind about looking for updates, getting info for registering, checking to see if there are new skins, allowing you to share this info with your friends and sometimes even checking to see if the President is home. Well, thankfully, this is just a plain and simple and cool, menu toolbar, that you can use to organise your favourite programs.

Well, have fun, and take this for a spin.

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