Monday, January 02, 2006

Its about time

Its about time, that someone had a heart to heart conversation with this man, and told what reality is. It appears that he is still in his long lost world, well, when did he ever show signs of anything that made sense. A good example was the smug look on his face, when is aide told him about the 9/11 bombing, and then recently his 'You are doing a good job, Brownie' to the now fired FEMA director for his the job he did in New Orleans.

You know, in some other way, he is finally doing the american people a favour. But continuing to blabber, he is setting himself and his party for a big fiasco in Nov 2006. I only wish half of america, who have been kind of sleeping for the last 6 years, would wake up. Even the democrats are suddenly figuring out, this is their moment to stick it in. And finally find a voice of disent.

Bush defends NSA spying program

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