Thursday, January 12, 2006


Katha - means story.

I happened to come across this name in a book fair, when i saw a book by MT Vasudevan Nair - The Master Carpenter (more about this later). The Katha is an interesting publishing company, with an interesting tag line, 'a profit for all organization'.

Its weird they were founded in 1988, but i hadnt heard of it until last week (not that i must know everything that happens in this world). But i mean, i wish there was more publicity about such organizations.

I used to read a lot. A whole lot. There was a time, when i could go thru' one, two books in a day. But soon gave up, when i got fed up of spy stories, and likes of Sidney Sheldon, Harrold Robbins, Jeffrey Archer... oh so many of those. Then i went back to classics, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, but soon was fed up with that too. I was tired of reading about stories and fiction written in english by foriegn authors. I wanted something different. After a bout of reading non-fiction, which was good at times, but a little dreary. I wanted something more from my culture and background. Unfortunately, i cant read fluently in Hindi, Malayalam or Tamil, three Indian languages that i can speak and understand.

There are other translations, but then they are more mainstream. so when i found this book and few other short stories book, i was might pleased. I have managed to finish the book by MT (as he is known). And geting ready to start on the short stories. Hopefully i will get back to my reading days.....

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