Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And the point is ?

What is the point of such talk and rhetoric ? Does it help weaken the resolve of the terrorist ? Does it help appease the pain of the victim ?
This is the same kind of talk that comes out of Bush and many of his colleagues. The point is making such statements dont help resolve the situation. Many of these require more restraint and caution to be exercised. But then a politician is a politician and what less can you expect ?

Terrorism is wrong. Many of know it, accept it and condemn it. But i like to you all to pause for a moment and think about who the terrorist really is ? Us or them ? That doesnt mean all means justify the end, or for that matter i justify this means to their end.

I must tho' grant it to the Indian Govt, that they dont always jump the gun and attempt to launch a military campaign to eradicate the terrorist camps they claim exists across our borders. So i guess these words are then just what they are, words.

No force on earth can weaken India's resolve

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