Thursday, January 05, 2006

Whaling in the high seas

Kudos to these guys. It looks like an exciting picture, but can be very dangerous.

But, on a different note, it is also a clash of cultures. Certain communities have been doing this for ages, and wonder what is so wrong in consuming a whale. The point is the technology used now vs then, and the amount of whaling done now vs then. If the Japenese fishing were to adopt their century old method of catching a whale, i dont think there would be much of a concern. So also, i am sure in the good old age, not everyone got to buy it off a grocery store shelf. They had to go and fish for it, and given the choice battling with the king of the ocean, the people would have chosen other tamer options like chicken and cow.

High-seas battle looms for Japan whalers, activists

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Esperanza said...

Hi there,

Thanks for helping spread the word. I wanted to point you towards our crew weblog...

...and also point out that Greenpeace does not oppose traditional subsistence whaling (as long as it remains at a sustainable level). It is instead, precisely the kind of commercial whaling we are seeing here in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary that posses the real threat to whale species.

-- Andrew (on board the Greenpeace ship Esperanza)