Sunday, January 29, 2006

now playing: Rang De Basanti - Khoon Chala

I bought this CD, end of December or so. And blessed me... .i didnt listen to it fully, or even patiently listen to the songs.
My hook in this album was 'Khalbali'.... the 'khalbali hain khalbali' simply rocked me. But then i couldnt stop humming 'ek onkaar', dont know why, but the simple tune moved me a lot.

Well that was that. For a frightful 2 weeks or more, i didnt have time. I DIDNT HAVE TIME, to listen to ARR. Infact after Mangal Pandey, which was a very mediocre album for ARR's standards, i was waiting for another mind-blowing album from him. And i kept quiet.

Then i saw the movie on Friday, Jan 27th. Wow, what struck me was the songs. All that lost time !!! The movie was good, but i think the ending could have been tweaked a bit. The sequences till the death of Ajay Mathur was great. The movie seemed to move fast after that, and it lost me somewhere in the middle, but i did jump back. And the last few shots of the movie were good, even tho' i didnt quite agree, that all had to die in the end, like their erstwhile protagonists. I leave the movie hall, humming, 'Roobaroo..ooooooooo'

Back to the music...... as a i write this, the song 'Khoon Chala' is wafting thru the speakers of my laptop,oh there is no better way to describe this moment. I can see the movie shots, beautifully done, the music, the images, such contrast. The simpleness of the music with the voilence on the screen, wow, this director can move minds, 'naye rang bharne ko, khoon chala khoon chala', wow.. the lyrics, the guitar, the band, the mix, true ARR. Magic.

I have to dedicate a post to each song from this album, because they are begining to haunt, rock, move and awaken me bit by bit, and like any ARR songs, there are some special moments hidden in each song, that come out as listen to it repeatedly.

Like now in 'Khoon Chala', at first you are lost in the guitar, to notice the band begining to play in the background. And slowly the pace of the music picks up to match the mood, and it becomes from a peaceful rendition to a song played to the beat of a police band. Listen one more time, and then you suddenly notice a rather shy voilinist who leaves his or her mark too. Oh, i must not forget the pianist. who with just a few strikes on his keyboard plays quite a symphony, all in this about 185 minutes of solace of a song.

For those dont have the song, you can listen to it here.... Raagas

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