Sunday, January 01, 2006


I think its about time, that the BCCI takes control of the cricket world. What i mean is, that India funds the coffers of ICC. The game with the highest ratings and money are the ones that feature Team India. Given this, i dont see why BCCI should not dictate terms to the ICC, or make sure that things and rules and regulations that are favourable to it are passed thru at the ICC.

This is how the world of sport works. Money controls everything. It just so happens that for the last decade or more, money for cricket comes from India. Because this is a sport that has losts its charm in countries other than the sub-continent. And a lot of this credit must go to Jagmohan Dalmiya. It is a different fact, that he later wanted to run the BCCI like his next door pawn shop.

The spectators, the citizen of India, and the sub-continent are the ones who now support and fund this game. The sponsors have come in big droves because of this huge following. It is unfortunate, that other sports in India have had to take a back bench. I see a point in the current stand that BCCI is taking. I am not sure how good this is for team India, who can make any match, even if it is Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, turn into an exciting game with their lacklustre performance and overconfident approach.

Anger over India's threat to Test schedule

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