Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas, Palestine and Israel

The best thing you can do to a rebel, who is always demanding to fix the system, is to put them in charge. And i think the people of Palestine has overwhelmingly voted to put Hamas in charge.

My question is now that Hamas has won, can they not justify voilence against civilians and other Israeli installations ? Meaning, now it is has an official stamp. Because thats what Israel did all these days, when they tore down homes of the Palestinians and kept them under house arrest.
I dont agree with terrorism or voilence against civilians. But there is a thin line that divides a freedom fighter one side and a terrorist on the other side. When a state sponsors the whole program, there is an automatic legitimacy associated with it. And then it is a question of how many other countries you can rally behind you that determines whether you are a holy or evil.

Think !! The Allied forces did not begin to fight Hitler, until he started threatening their very existence. Infact Winston Churchill looked at the invasion of the erstwhile country of Chezhslovakia, 'as a country that no one has heard about'. And the US didnt begin to fight Japan until Pearl Harbour.

I sincerely hope that this election gives Hamas, Palestine and Israel an opportunity to sit down and work towards long term peace in their neighbourhood. Insha-allah.
Hamas takes all
Hamas to be invited to form government

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