Saturday, January 21, 2006

The President Broke the Law

I just signed the petition at In the past, petitions from this group has helped changed the way business is done at Capitol Hill. I am confident, that more people who sign the petition, will result in some sort of investigation, even if it is internal or congressional hearing. As the November election draws closer, democrats will be closely watching to see how high they must shout about these problems. And i think it is important that we tell them clearly, that they are not shouting loud enough.

President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of allegedly illegal wiretaps, and he doesn't plan to stop. Circumventing the Constitution is serious business.
This is a big moment. People from across the political spectrum are standing together to protect the rule of law and the principles that are core to our identity as Americans.
Can you sign this petition to show Congress that Americans want a thorough investigation of the president's secret wiretapping program?

Log on and register and sign the petition if you havent already done so. That is, if you too feel that this is a serious matter and must not be allowed to go unnoticed.

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