Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whats with the Rain !!

I believe its pouring down like hell in Chennai. And i also saw some pictures of Banglore on Its crazy !!!

When it rains it pours. Or there is not a drop. Is it the climate or is it just us humans ? We seem never happy with what ever the situation is. There is always a greener side. This is just an observation. Or is it ?

Back to the Chennai problem. I hope this solves the water problem for the next summer. Bit knowing what the Govt has done so far to address the problem from a long term perspective, most of the water must be flowing into the sea. But the law on Rain Water Harvesting should help. Every home, office buidling etc, in Chennai ( i still prefer Madras, but i think i have started using Chennai too !!!), must harvest run-off rain water. This should help the water table. For years it has been going down, down and down. Hopefully this rain will help raise it a little bit.

More rains forecast; Army asked to standby - The Hindu - News Update Service - Oct 26th 2005

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