Friday, October 07, 2005

Late comers !!

This was captured at 8:05am at a school in Adyar, Chennai.

What you are seeing is: the gate shut, and children waiting to meet with the school principal before they are let into their classes.
Today i was spared the ordeal of having to wait it out, with my kid. But it was close.

This may not be the best way to handle this issue. But this is effective. There is no corporal punishment, as used to occur when i was a kid. The kids wait it out for about 30 minutes and are let in after a warning. The school watchmen and few other teachers, do the screening regularly to point out habitual offenders.

But raising a kid, it is tough to build an impression on the consequences of late coming, unless you actually go thru a process. All my threats are useless; because the kid is still too small understand the implications. Anyway most of these are a try and watch. I am sure the psychologists will have many a theory about this process. But i have been subject to some similar methods and have come unscathed.

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