Monday, October 24, 2005

Gandhi and Nobel Prize

I recently came across this article, some reference to this article in an Indian paper published in the US. For quite sometime i had lost respect with the process of how Nobel prize is given out. It kind of started with Lech Welesa being given the Nobel Peace prize. But there were a few reasons before that. The Nobel Prize was originally setup only to recognize the work done by white men. People of other origin were rarely selected for this honour. This attached article is an interesting observation.

Sometimes we in India are always looking for this recognition of our deeds by the world. Actually by the 'white' world. So this leads us to exult when a movie is nominated for the Oscars. Inside the US, the Oscars is just one of the many awards that are offered to the film and movie industry. And of course, we believe that they have the most precise method of selecting the finest of movies. And yet very few black (african americans) were selected for this honour until recently. Similarly every year we rant and rave about nomination to the Nobel prize. And yet, Nelson Mandela who closely adopted Gandhiji's principles has been awarded this prize, and along with the racist South African President !!! Give me a break.

Gandhi needs no introduction to many in the world today. But yet, few people really know the impact this man had on the world.

Mahatma Gandhi, the Missing Laureate


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