Sunday, October 30, 2005

Delhi Blasts

As per the PTI, a new group called Inquilab has claimed responsibility for the bombing. So now we can add one more the list of the different and splintered group of terrrorists.

Who is a terrorist ? Who is a freedom fighter ? The british crucified Bhagat Singh and many others calling them a terorrist. We celeberate their birthdays as early freedom fighters. Can we equate the two !!! No for a moment i am not trying to. But to completely ignore their views may not also grant us the results we are trying to achieve.

Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, Manipur, even to an extend 'Tamil Nadu', all have some festering issues. Some of them genuine, some of them crazy, like the support for Verappan the vandal shot dead a year or more ago. It is time, that the Govt starts looking at these as long term issues. To some extend the Punjab issue has been solved, or is it ? I understand change cannot happen suddenly. But what we need is bold decisions, but for that you need strong power in the Parliment. When you have strong support in the Parliment, you turn to corruption, instead of solution.

And more importantly, all the educated, the intelligenia and the young turn away from Politics. How can you clean the cess-pool, if you are not ready to step into it ??

There is hope. Things are improving. Only their pace needs to be increased. Let us create a new 'Inquilab'.

Inquilab group claims responsibility for blasts

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