Friday, October 21, 2005

Feed them and then what !!

There are over 500 prisoners in the Guantánamo Bay detention centre. They are being held there as retribution for the WTC bombing on 9/11. Many of them arent even remotely involved with the bombing, but were probably linked to the Taliban and Osama in Afghanistan. In any case, these people are being held here without a charge. There are not accused of anything. They have been here for over 3 years now. The US doesnt intend to charge them or prosecute them. Then what is the purpose of trying to force feed them. So that they stay alive and rot in prison. And how does this solve the 9/11 bombing issue.

Is the whole crux of this, to be as ruthless and heartless as possible !!

"Feed torture" alleged - The Hindu - Oct 21st 2005
Hunger strikers allege 'force feed torture' at Guantánamo - The Guardian - Oct 21st 2005

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