Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Security Check in the USA

I have travelled many times in and out of the US. Infact, i am considered a frequent traveller. And can understand what Mr. Gaur is feeling.

However i must say, i havent personally felt harrased by the TSA (security) officials. I have always felt they have a job to do and they are just doing it. The real issue lies somewhere else, but no American (read US Citizen) are willing to stand up and change. They were given a chance in 2004, and they decided they rather live with the same bush shit than try something different. Can't completely blame them either !!

But back to Mr. Gaur. The treatment of a senior and elected official of the Indian Union is subjected to this treatment because of 'paranoia'. Nothing else can explain why they would believe that he is a threat. And also justified is the statement he has made about profiling, which is an open secret in the US. Most muslims, rather 'muslim looking' and 'muslim sounding' people are used to in the US.

One just hopes, better sense will eventually prevail.

Angry Gaur calls Americans, Britishers 'cowards' -

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