Friday, October 14, 2005

Traffic Voilation

I keep travelling between US and Chennai,India often. But have no real problems in slipping into a car in either location and adapting to the traffic requirements of the place.
But attached is pic taken by the Washington DC Traffic police. This picture was taken one the hundreds of cameras installed all over the metro area. I had never bothered too much about it. Thinking it was mainly for tracking traffic problems. Well think again !!!

I was speeding. I was looking desperately for the right exit to the DC Armory. Incidentaly, i was using directions (good directions followed badly) given by a police officer at the DC First District Station. I had just finished some volunteer work for the Katrina relief and was making my way to the DC armory to offer services there. Well !!

But these are signs of things to come. Its cool, but its also frightening.

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