Thursday, August 10, 2006

Important first step

I think this is an important first step. I hadnt been paying attention, specially since i'm not currently in the US. Catching up with news thats about all america is difficult.

I believe this is important because of the same reasons that Amy has published in her blog, 'a letter from Mike Moore'. After seeing how precious little the democrats have actually done to stop the war, i feel the difference of having them in the Congress and Senate, as against not having them is minimal.

I know, that a full blown republican victory will make them think they are god, and further their pillaging and plundering, but, then i also think something so drastic is required for people in the US to wake up and see what they are creating by their inactivity.

I am completely at peace having learnt that Lieberman has lost, i didnt think he was great VP candidate either. Infact, Mr. Gore also should take responsibility of allowing this man more audience than he really is entitled for. Anyway, the people of one state has spoken, lets see if this starts a ripple effect across the others.

Amy's Blog - A note to a traitor........

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