Friday, August 11, 2006

Lessons to learn !?

Why does this occur on and off ? Why do people take extreme steps of killing themselves, while they wreak havoc in other's lives ? Why always target America ?

It is fortunate to know that the many innocent lives have been saved. But what lessons do we learn from this ? What lessons do the government concerned teach or preach to its citizen ?

We now know, we cant carry any liquids in our hand baggage. Any liquids, even infant milk.

We have learnt nothing, or rather nothing that is of any value. The first time i personally experience frisking after 9/11, i felt weird. Later, i got to used to it, and figured no point in cribbing to the guy frisking me, he is just doing his job. Then another time, i saw a small child being frisked. Although i had heard about this in the news etc, seeing it, gave light to a completely different perspective.

People accept this. They believe it is part of the government plan to keep them safe. They are also told to believe that the government will not negotiate (unless somebody real high in the food chain is involved) with terrorists. People accept this too. We also believe that the government is too big for us to fight, and also not worth the fight. Meaning, no matter who we choose to work for us, they would do the same. And so we can accept stuff as they come.

I am sure, there are plenty of other questions that can be raised and answers sought that will help us and the world around. A lot of people are asking them too. I am happy to be part of a network of such friends. I wonder how to reach out to more people. I wonder how to influence more minds. I wonder if this small technical marvel can actually engineer a sea-change across the globe.

Instead of ranting on and on, i wish i had a few answers to offer.

U.S. flyers face more searches

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