Saturday, August 19, 2006

Malayala Masam Chingam Onnu

Its the beginning of a new year as per the malayalam calendar. But yet it passed of quietly as just another day. This day is not celeberated as the new year itself. But the month of 'Chingam', which begins today does have one of the biggest festivals of the Malayalees, Onam.

We, that is Malayalees, celeberate Vishu as the as the begining of the new year, which coincides with the new year day for Tamils also. There must be some historical significance to this. And based on my research, i found that the Malayalam calendar as we use it today is of a recent introduction, and was established around the year 852. This forced a change in calendar in the region, causing the difference in birth of a new year and the celeberation for a new year.

Malayalam Calendar - Wikipedia

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