Wednesday, July 05, 2006

France vs Italy

Ok. I must admit, i am not seer. Betting on France was pure emotional. Nothing to do with their ability, their line-up or the way they played during the initial matches.

Platini and team in 1982 won me over. The semi-finals between Germany and France is to me the game of the century. France lost that game, but i became a big sucker for France.

So when this world cup began, i was hoping France will do better than what it had done after winning the cup in 1998. Until the game last quarter-final game when it beat Brazil, France was playing just an average game. Zidane worked the magic again today to beat Portugal. Portugal had been playing a very good game, but today they simply couldnt penetrate the French defense. Although France won only from a solitary goal, and that too because of a penalty, a win is a win.

Now they meet Italy. I am keeping fingers crossed, wearing the same sock & underwear, going to sit on the same end of the sofa.... Oh !! hope i am not forgetting something else.

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