Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cola wars

There has been a war waging on in India, for the last couple of weeks, which surprisingly finds both the big cola makers on the same side. They are fighting a small but persistent group, the CSE. The CSE released a new report, again after a gap of about 2-3 yrs, where they have highlighted the pesticide content in the cola drinks produced and distributed by these companies.

I think, the CSE, is doing a good job of expousing this and making it an issue that needs to be discussed. However, the cola majors are not taking it lying down either. While this fight is raging there is another battle or war that is using this to their advantage. This is the fight between david vs goliath, foriegn vs local, corporate vs farmer, private vs government etc., different shades based on locality, state or area in India.

I drink Pepsi, coke or what ever caramel coloured drink i can find. Not so often, but am not shy of it. I used to be an addict ones, gourging one with every meal, that was when i first came to the US. But soon re-discovered the taste of water. So, i too, had a personal agenda here, and so my views are slightly jaundiced.

Recently i have been reading a lot about the problem with advertising and the sales of these drinks. There is a connection. Obviously, it wouldnt be so popular, if they stopped advertising. Well, i am sure these drinks are not a bottle of posion, but nor are they filled with health nourishing nutrients. In today's world, i think they Govt must also look at this advertising to sales link, just as they look at the link between cancer and tobacco. I am pushing it too far, but my point is to stop things from getting out of control. But, who am i kidding ?

Just think, who is the biggest loser in all this ? we, the consumer. So, the best way, yet, is to simply stop buying.

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