Wednesday, November 02, 2005

World will be a better place !!

This good news. No i am not bothered about SRK or his health. But it is good news. It will be better news if he also stopped smoking on the screen, meaning in movies. It is very clear and evident with all the many different studies in the US regarding patterns of cigarette smoking and underage smoking, that actors, sports, and heavy advertising showing macho-man has a major impact on children taking to smoking at an early age.

Another important factor, the age at you start smoking. Most, if not all people who smoke, started smoking before the age of 18. So for the cigarette companies, 'catch them young' is an important part of their business strategy. Thanks a lot of law suits and Govt regulations, the tobacco companies in the US have to now support advertising to stop smoking, warn about dangers of smoking and underage smoking. They cannot use popular icons to promote their tobacco products.

India has taken a step further by now disallowing smoking in the movies, tv and other entertainment mediums. The current health minister is fighting tooth and nail with the information and broadcasting, commerce ministries to impose this ban. The current date for the ban to start effect is Jan 1st 2006. (Cigarette Smoking and Movies)

SRK stopping smoking is an important step. If he really does it and like i said stopped protraying the same on screen. It will defnitely have an impact on kids and college students watching movies. One less person out there to say and show how cool it is to hold a cigarette.

Shah Rukh plans to quit smoking !! - - Nov 2nd 2005

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