Friday, November 11, 2005

a Mission Accomplished ?

It appears that US has completed the mission, not want it started out to do, but what ended up because of what it started.

Was it short sightedness, was it foolishness, was it oil, was it personal vendedtta that lead the US to fight a war, that it could never have won. What is more astonishing is the audacity, the lies, the fool-hardiness that went into the creation of the myth and rationale for war. Instead of wiping out the Al-Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalism, the US just created a fertile ground to recruit, organize and train future terrorist. The US directly may not be affected by this group of terrorists, but the rest of the world will pay a big price for being a silent spectator to the rape of Iraq.

I have no sympathy for Saddam, like i have none for Musharaff or for that matter even George Bush. But does that mean i take my army and lead them into a war to overthrow them. Do i lead my country to believe a bunch of lies so that they support this effort to overthrow the regime ? And then expect that the people who have been oppressed for years will suddenly all rally around me, support me and yield to my every wish. A good lesson can be learnt from the Indian sub-continent, where Bangladesh that owes its very existence to India, looks upon India as a monster that needs to be controlled and curtailed. That is mainly because liberators quickly replace the tyrant they removed.

Freedom is important, but only after our daily bread. Oh, by the way, my thinking can change once my stomach is fed !!

American occupation and the rise of Al-Qaeda - The Hindu (Opinion)- Nov 10th 2005

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