Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wind Power

It appears that efforts of the Govt are paying off, in pushing alternative sources of energy. But is it enough. Absolutely not. I hope that the Govt doesnt sit back and enjoy this pat on the back.
We need to be very aggressive in pushing Wind Power generation, solar energy and other alternative sources. India is going to soon run out of Oil, Gas and Water. We will need energy from sources other than oil and gas to power the industrial machine it is building, and also to power the 'reverse osmosis' plants it will desperately need to convert salty ocean water into potable and drinking water.

I recently came across an article about Energetech in Australia, who has developed a new system to generate energy from waves in the ocean. Wind, Solar, Wave, Nuclear are all options, of which Nuclear being the least desired option. But the Indian Govt it appears seeming to be pushing the Nuclear option for more than one reason. I hope it would wise up soon and push the hugh flow of funds into the country to design, develop, build and deploy systems to fully exploit these alternative sources of energy.

India ranks fourth in global wind power list - Yahoo - Nov 9th 2005

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