Monday, November 07, 2005

Riots in France

I have been trying to get some info on what is going on in France. There is ofcourse a lot of news on CNN, Fox and other news programs in the US. But i would rather hear it directly from some of the parties affected. Another point, is that probably the coverage i am getting and seeing (on CNN) is probably more balanced than i can read or get from France or other European countries.

It is not unexpected to see these kind of happenings. This is not a new French revolution or anything, but there is increasing divide between the rich and the poor, the corporation and the individuals, the government and the people, mother nature and her residents, islam and non-islam,super powers and the other countries and on and on and on.

Hope this issue is quickly resolved. It will be, the might will always win. Be it the French Govt or the rioter who can frustrate them to get some concession out of them. But the consequences of this riot will only help fuel the divide further.

French bloggers at odds over riots - BBC - Nov 7th 2005

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